Best Abs Workout for Woman

When it comes to workout, we want to start and progress correctly. So when it comes to our abdominals, we want to start and build up slowly. So if you are a beginner, that is great.

We are going to show you how to target the three areas to start making those connections, so you can build and get stronger as you go. Because flat abs are not just for looks, it is also to be as healthy as possible. So we are going to start with more efficient workouts.

Low Plank

Planks are great for the core. Let’s go over how you would do a plank.

You are coming onto your curves if you are working a forearm plank, where your feet about a hip width apart, your elbows are right under your shoulders.

You want to think about not letting the belly just hang out.

If you just stretch out in plank position, without engaging your core, you are not getting the benefits of the plank, which is to pull the belly muscles in, fire up what most people are talking about when they say lower belly, and then, drawing your abdominals in even longer.

Just breathe and maintain this position. You could hold it for 30 seconds. You could continue it for a minute.

Back Elongation

Lying over with arms extended, back towards the heels, up on one knee, and your goal is to stretch, just me up on one knee.

Your goal is to stretch; you can relax down here, and throughout the back. So partner stretching is an excellent way to add in some added elongation.

So making sure that your hands are above the joint and you are on the meaty part of the spine, and releasing, with the meaty part of your palm into the back.

Moreover, you are taking the point, and you are the muscle fiber and elongating in the opposite direction, pushing that energy out through the top of the head.

be a good ten to thirty seconds, ideally, with breath.

Single Leg V Sit-Up

Single Leg V-Ups Lie back on the floor with knees bent hold an object of choice with both hands above your head if desired.

Leading with the chin and chest towards the ceiling contract the stomach muscles and raise your shoulders off the floor while also raising one leg up toward the roof.

As your shoulders come off the ground extend your arms overhead and bring the object toward the toe of the lifted leg. Return to starting position and repeat on alternating sides.

If you find this move too difficult, you can try putting your hands toward the body.

Side Plank Hit Lift

Now I am going to describe how to do a side plank, and the best method to begin doing that is to rest on your side. You are going to keep your arm at a 90-degree angle, so you are sleeping most of your weight primarily, clearly in your core, below your hips and your obliques.

However, you are placing the weight the floor on your wrist and your joint, checking not to put much force on the shoulder. That is so important.

The easier version is one leg flat on the floor for stability. That would be the harder way where you are overlaying your legs.

Moreover, then you are just going to shoot that hip high in the sky, holding the chest top. Don’t lean forward, keep the chest and large, and extend that arm right up to the dome.

Notice I have my bottom one out at a 90-degree angle, my hip is high in the sky, and I am raising that left arm straight up in the air. Moreover, you want to hold this.

Therefore it is not much action. You are just holding this position for a particular value of time.
You could begin with 30 seconds, and you could try and to improve to a minute.

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