Clean Your Feet With Baking Soda 2x Per Week. The Result is Stunning

Clean Your Feet With Baking Soda 2x Per Week. The Result is Stunning

Baking soda can be beneficial for many uses as washing or culinary ingredient and natural medicine. Also, many products can be replaced by baking soda because it is easy to use and has better effects in many concerns also in safety matters because it doesn’t contain any chemical components which help control pH—keeping a substance neither too acidic nor too alkaline.

Different uses of Baking Soda ( sodium bicarbonate )

Clean your feet

Baking Soda can be ideal for massaging your feet. Also, it may help you relax your whole body, use it twice per week and you will reach some excellent results


Sweating is so healthy because the body needs to maintain its temperature degree but when it doesn’t stop it becomes so annoying so that baking soda can be a great solution as a homemade remedy for preventing the absurd amount of sweating that comes out of your body which it can absorb moisture.


You can add a little bit of baking soda to your shampoo; it has a high value which it can clean your hair from greases and fat, it is so beneficial if you have an oily hair.

Stomach Pain

A salt compound, baking soda has root features and a pH of 8.4, which makes it an excellent ingredient.
According to Elmhurst College, antacids like baking soda decrease additional amounts of hydrochloric acid in the gut. The mixture of stomach acid and baking soda produces a chemical effect that has a neutralising effect on the acid, easing stomach pain.

Natural Deodorant

For those of us who have tried a more natural option, you may have noticed that the pickings are rather slim. There are a lot of natural deodorants out there; it’s just that, well most of them don’t work well. So give a baking soda a try it could be useful which it takes longer and healthier for the body.

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